Open Sanctuary – The Way!

I am on a beautiful journey which has no end, 

and one I hope you will join me, my friend, 

it lifts your heart, it lifts your soul, 

it’s the very thing that makes us whole, 

so think about your purpose in life, 

what gives you joy? What gives you strife? 

You will find the answer to the riddle lies within, 

so please don’t falter, let the search begin, 

set out your intentions for each new day, 

as this will help you on your way, 

sometimes you will stumble, sometimes you will fall, 

but you will find the strength to overcome it all, 

to stay true to your own authentic self, 

the source of all love, the origin of all wealth, 

it’s right beside you, so seek and you will find, 

although sometimes it may seem that you are blind, 

so ASK for faith to follow your heart, 

and LISTEN to Spirit and n’er the Twain shall part.  

Jean X