Thomas Baxter

Hi, I’m Tommy, and am delighted to tell you a bit about myself.

I originally trained with the International College of Professional Celebrants and have worked as a full-time Celebrant ever since.  

Celebrancy is something I have come to later in life and found I have both a great passion and a natural ability for.  I have spent most of my life working in public services, whether as General Manager in major West End Theatres, running my own restaurant in the Highlands, or as General Manager of Glamis Castle. All of these positions have offered unique experiences which I have taken with me and utilised to great effect as a celebrant. 

This is something I have found incredibly rewarding, however, after a few years, I found I was looking for something more;  something that satisfied my spiritual needs, and this was answered when I became a member of Open Sanctuary. I trained to become a Reverand and was ordained in 2023 in a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony, along with several other ministers here.

As a child, and teenager, I regularly attended Church because that was the thing to do back in the 60’s and 70’s.  In those days, everyone, or certainly most people, went to church as a matter of course every Sunday, and I seriously considered a career in the ministry back then. However, life gets in the way and other things took priority.  

Looking back, and having gained a great deal of life experience, I realise that my ministry is best served because of that life experience.  Having worked for many years in the West End, and in other people driven professions, I have met and worked with wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds, who all have their own individual spirituality and life force. 

An appreciation of this diversity is what motivates me, and my ministry is all about supporting, and forming a greater understanding for everyone.  I believe that we are all part of a much greater force, held together by an invisible thread.

It is my intention to move forward as an Ordained Celebrant with love, life, and laughter and reflect this in everything I do.

Warmest wishes


Further info:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07548 250031

Year of Ordination: 2023