Change starts Within

Change is a response to something each of us has deemed `not what we want, or like`, yet in truth, whilst the current situation may not be what we want, often we do not know what we want, or it induces a deep-seated fear in us. This fear is of not being worthy, perfect or whatever is `your thing`. It becomes easier to project it onto others as in “if only they did so and so, then all would be right in my world”. 

We all know this, have all experienced this and are now invited to own it.  Step inwards on the slide of self-awareness and identify the blockages therein. You do not need to tell anyone, but always be honest with yourself

To mis-quote a well-known saying “Physician know thyself” Once we are able to be honest with ourselves about ourselves, the journey begins…dah, dah, dah DAHHHHH (piano crescendo). Only then can healing begin and life transform. The question is what is the underlying fear that stops you making the changes that would more closely align you with your core belief? 

Gandhi sums it up well in his saying “Be the change you want to see” – he identifies that all the things we would change about another, a situation etc can only be changed in us…and, odd as it may sound, it works!

Identify someone with whom you have a grievance, spend five minutes as day for a month praying for them and by the end of the month either `they` will have changed or you won’t care anymore…

I do love a `How To ` plan… 

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