I have just completed the Way and the Ordination course…

I have just completed the Way and the Ordination course, and I am currently preparing for my Ordination in September 2023.   I feel so blessed to have found the Open Sanctuary, it has changed my life. Prior to embarking on the course, I had faith but during my journey with Open Sanctuary my faith grew deeper and the change in my outlook in life, my purpose, and my belief in my higher power has been profound.  

There were times during my studies that I doubted myself and questioned whether I was enough however through a great deal of soul searching, prayer and the continual support of Angela Maughan who guided me and my Anam Cara, Cate Reid’s word of wisdom, together with the support of my fellow Open Sanctuary Ordinands and members I found the answers I was looking for. I am now looking forward to finding appropriate ways to love and serve others wherever that may take me, with GODS light in my eyes.

As a minister with Open Sanctuary, I will serve those who want to be spiritual without belonging to an organised religion and learn about other people’s beliefs in the process. “God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes, but everyone who looks at it sees a different face.” —Jewish teaching.

There is an inextricable link between religion and spirituality. I have learnt that the connection runs too deep to completely sever from the other, I am dedicated to deepening my own spiritual development and practice, and my connection to the Divine, so that my service to others is always grounded in the integrity of my own spiritual life. 

If you feel drawn to serve or are simply seeking to explore your own spirituality, I have no hesitation in recommending you consider joining the Open Sanctuary and exploring the course options available to you. It will be a blessing to walk with you on your journey.

Much love and blessings,


Open Sanctuary – The Way!

I am on a beautiful journey which has no end, 

and one I hope you will join me, my friend, 

it lifts your heart, it lifts your soul, 

it’s the very thing that makes us whole, 

so think about your purpose in life, 

what gives you joy? What gives you strife? 

You will find the answer to the riddle lies within, 

so please don’t falter, let the search begin, 

set out your intentions for each new day, 

as this will help you on your way, 

sometimes you will stumble, sometimes you will fall, 

but you will find the strength to overcome it all, 

to stay true to your own authentic self, 

the source of all love, the origin of all wealth, 

it’s right beside you, so seek and you will find, 

although sometimes it may seem that you are blind, 

so ASK for faith to follow your heart, 

and LISTEN to Spirit and n’er the Twain shall part.  

Jean X