Tracy Sellar

Tracy Sellar


I’m Tracy, or, as my friends now call me……. The Reverend!

(I still can’t quite believe it)

I count myself incredibly fortunate to be married to a remarkable, quirky man who brings laughter into my life every single day. Together, we have raised a beautiful daughter who alongside her wonderful husband is a very kind, caring and loving soul.

Living in Moray, I find solace in being nestled by the sea, yet ensconced in the serene embrace of countryside life within our cozy town—a place I proudly call home.

An avid enthusiast of life’s pleasures, I thrive in the company of loved ones, basking in moments of pure joy. You will often find me on the beach with my faithful companion Mac, indulging in sea swims and kayaking (no wetsuit for me!), or marveling at the grace and beauty of dolphins in the bay whilst enjoying a glass of wine with friends as the sun goes down. My days are rich with adventure. 

I also cherish moments of solitude, nestled in a quiet nook, lost in the pages of a good book or working in my garden where peace, quiet, and tranquility reign supreme.

For the past 10 years I worked with a charitable organization dedicated to aiding individuals and families affected by cancer, I found comfort working in this compassionate domain, extending solace to others during their arduous and challenging journeys. The profound significance of providing genuine support resonated deeply with me, whether through attentive listening, open dialogue, or offering reassurance by being alongside them on their journey.

It took me quite some time to find the Open Sanctuary but the moment I did, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. Its inclusive ethos and accommodating diverse spiritual persuasions struck a chord with me.  I did not anticipate the profound personal transformation that would take place within me.  My 18-month journey proved to be enlightening, resonating harmoniously with my intrinsic values.

I was Ordained through the Open Sanctuary in a beautiful ceremony in September 2023 surrounded by friends and family, and I continue to develop and deepen my understanding of spirituality and love, without judgement and with integrity in my heart.

Powered by an unwavering commitment to spiritual growth filled with compassion, I am now embarking on a new chapter, crafting bespoke ceremonies resonating with the unique essence of each individual or couple—be it weddings, farewells, or rites of passage—infusing these pivotal moments with reverence and authenticity.

As I look ahead, I do so with eager anticipation, creating a legacy of love, light and support for all those whose lives intersect with mine.

With Very Best Wishes,

Reverend Tracy

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