Making time for a Date with God

The world we currently live in is a `head-based`; with information coming at us fast and furiously.

What to do with it all…..? 

It is easy to be sucked into the whirlwind of constant activity with appointments, events, meeting etc almost overlapping as we try to keep up.  We have do, do, do, make money, have lots of contacts and friends, rushing through life. We have been sold a crock of fools gold by believing society.

By adhering to what society thinks is acceptable or successful we have lost our way. We have sold our soul and ability to hear the inner voice of the Divine, like a Faustian pact with a reward in Caesars world be it money, fame, a label we desire.  

Busyness is societies definition of success. For the soul, success is defined by stillness.

Only in this stillness can the soft gentle voice for the soul filter through the cacophony of the ego`s incessant chatter allowing us to hear the inner guidance that can lead us to a peace filled life.

We know this and fully intend to make more time in silence, meditation, or prayer but somehow something else crops up. It is amazing how easy it is to drop what we need the most to attend the most trivial in life. Perhaps writing ourselves into our diaries might help raise the importance of soul-time. May years ago, I was with a group of people and the nun in the group suddenly said she had to leave us as she had a date with God. What struck me the most was the look of loving anticipation on her face.

Hmmmm another way of viewing silent time or meditation or prayer…a date with God.

How delicious!