Sweet surrender

Recently I was away and initially the internet was iffy at best and absent at worst.

My do-aholic mind spent many ingenious hours plotting and scheming where to go to hack into the internet so I could honour commitments and `keep up ` with work etc. 

I had forgotten universal truths… one being that when I am away there are always less texts and emails… the universe knows. The other, just trust. 

Then I was on a boat with no internet. Initial frustration was quickly transformed into a delicious sense of surrender, now I could really release as there was absolutely nothing I could do about it other than hijack a lifeboat and paddle like mad!!

The utter peace and joy of sweet surrender. Five days of silence from this world allowed so much quiet time to hear the inner voice; also, to realise how the ego hangs on tenaciously to distract us from alignment with our soul. The blessing of time to pause, breathe and catch up with myself.

It will be a challenge to be disciplined regarding the internet when I return home, yet what gifts the space in between emails, texts and surfing offers…..

St Francis and the simplicity of Love

In our physically and emotionally complex world there is a place for simplicity. For staying in the moment, being fully present, just being love in every situation.

St Francis, the saint who is often linked to nature, the animals, birds, and stars took simplicity further still. He internalised it to include his will and ego, to then surrender his all to his God.

He is reputed to once have said “Why are we not just in love with love?” Quite a thought to realise how much we objectify love, as a person, an idea, even marmite…

Remember how rich and all-encompassing the feelings of love can be? 

Beyond the ego passion, the ego need to have and hold, to contain or own is a rich and beautiful place, we have all experienced. It may arrive as a wave of golden love suffusing us sometimes for no obvious reason. Imagine if we could tune into that experience of love all the time? 

Maybe we can…..

Beginnings and Endings and A.G.M.s

The Open Sanctuary have just had their AGM.

The perfect opportunity to experience beginnings and endings.

What has been resisted, learned from and offered to another in the previous year.

 It is a natural point of review, reflection, renewal and growth.

From the previous year what informs the coming year and what can we now offer from that acquired wisdom?

Sometimes it takes courage to step into a new version of ourselves as it is often untried and untested. It takes courage to be willing to put oneself forward in a role that may be new to us. 

Here the generosity of those in the Open Sanctuary mirrors their core beliefs, one of which is:

“Our purpose is healing through union”.

How reassuring it is to have role bearers offering to shadow and support the incoming office bearers as they take up their new roles. 

Such an opportunity to deepen connections with another, all of which is part of the healing dynamic, moving duality into non duality.

Such a gift to see people model their beliefs.

An ending blessing tomorrow.


“Remembering Donald: A Tribute to a Good Man”

In my three heartfelt encounters with Donald before his passing, I was struck by his gracious and humble spirit. Together, we meticulously planned his funeral service, from newspaper announcement, music to the eulogy. 

His legacy was simple yet profound—to be a good man. Donald’s contentment in recounting his happy life served as a testament to the depth of his character. 

In his quiet way, he reminded us of all that a life lived with kindness and humility leaves a lasting impact, far greater than any accolades or possessions. 

Donald’s memory continues to inspire us to be better, to be good people, just as he was.

Today is going to be a slowwwww day.

I travelled from Aviemore to Edinburgh yesterday, the day was perfect, and I wasn’t driving so I could soak up the fabulous views, the truly amazing scenery and be reminded of the wonder of this amazing wee planet.

Edinburgh was its usual busy city, people everywhere, all rushing, vehicle sounds and toots, it was also very hot which always acts as a magnifying glass.

For a couple of hours every sense was assaulted from the sounds, the sights, the rush, the smells, and the taste of city grit. The north bound journey home was as stunning as heading south, yet from a different angle…

Home to utter exhaustion.

It reminded me of the tale of the Native Canadian found sitting on the station at the end of a Canada wide train journey. 

Who, when asked why he was not rushing off to `get somewhere` replied quite serenely, ” I am waiting for my soul to catch up”. 

Perhaps this is a definition of jetlag? 

Yesterday I felt my soul pass itself coming and going at Pitlochry…. 

Today is going to be a slowwwww day.



I had a fascinating conversation with a dear friend recently and we wandered into the topic of expectation…Not only the subtle unconscious childhood expectations but also the ones we have developed in our attempts to palliate the fears that lie beneath.

 An example might be within a relationship. If there is a fear of abandonment, she meets a man and finds him perfect and then changes herself to be whom she thinks he wants her to be to ensure he does not leave her…He, on the other hand, sees her and thinks she is perfect and is saddened as she changes over the years becoming someone else in the process. Someone he was not attracted to. The result remains potential abandonment despite all the efforts to avoid that very thing.

There is a saying “An expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen. It can be worth exploring the relationships that may have a frisson to them and looking for any expectations you may have of the other – what expectations exist and why do you have them?

Expectations are facets of judgment as they are the expression of what we want or need, hence they come from the ego. Expectations reflect the limitations of the love the person can give and receive. Unconditional love is allowing, gracious and receives in gratitude. Expectations limit our ability to receive the love of another no matter how freely it is given.

Many years ago, I knew a woman in her mid-twenties whose boyfriend proposed to her. She said yes but then refused sex for 4 months because “he didn’t propose in the right way”, the way she expected. They married and divorced within three years.

Like all the insights we glean as we head inwards, there is always a flip side. 

Take a relationship, explore your expectations of it in all aspects, visualise how it might be if you allowed it to be just what it is…What freedom lies within.

Releasing expectations leads to peace, calm, stillness, acceptance… (include your own qualities here).

Losing peace, calm, stillness, acceptance… (include your own qualities here) 

indicates an expectation somewhere…. a point of self-awareness helping you access the inner world and explore the expectation and all it teaches you.

Good luck…

Working through both The Way and The Ordination Course has been quite an adventure…

When I joined, I had no idea how deep it would take me. If you want to go on a real journey of self-exploration and learn about your own spiritual, personal and moral alignment, then I highly recommend this course. It has helped me to determine a clarity of focus, pushed me to the dusty corners of my soul and afforded me many amazing friendships. Life changing, certainly. And in the best way.”

Best wishes


I have just completed the Way and the Ordination course…

I have just completed the Way and the Ordination course, and I am currently preparing for my Ordination in September 2023.   I feel so blessed to have found the Open Sanctuary, it has changed my life. Prior to embarking on the course, I had faith but during my journey with Open Sanctuary my faith grew deeper and the change in my outlook in life, my purpose, and my belief in my higher power has been profound.  

There were times during my studies that I doubted myself and questioned whether I was enough however through a great deal of soul searching, prayer and the continual support of Angela Maughan who guided me and my Anam Cara, Cate Reid’s word of wisdom, together with the support of my fellow Open Sanctuary Ordinands and members I found the answers I was looking for. I am now looking forward to finding appropriate ways to love and serve others wherever that may take me, with GODS light in my eyes.

As a minister with Open Sanctuary, I will serve those who want to be spiritual without belonging to an organised religion and learn about other people’s beliefs in the process. “God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes, but everyone who looks at it sees a different face.” —Jewish teaching.

There is an inextricable link between religion and spirituality. I have learnt that the connection runs too deep to completely sever from the other, I am dedicated to deepening my own spiritual development and practice, and my connection to the Divine, so that my service to others is always grounded in the integrity of my own spiritual life. 

If you feel drawn to serve or are simply seeking to explore your own spirituality, I have no hesitation in recommending you consider joining the Open Sanctuary and exploring the course options available to you. It will be a blessing to walk with you on your journey.

Much love and blessings,


Silence is pure, silence is holly…

Recently I have been using the library for studying, it is a residual memory from student days when the library took on temple-like importance. The environment, the quiet, the books (pre computer days), the sight of others equally engaged in focussed learning. 

Seeing them prepare their work `stations`, pens, ink, paper, water, snacks, and piles of books to encircle and comfort in the pursuit of learning. Using the library on and off over the years has evoked the same feelings to a degree. Only in the last few weeks a young man working on his thesis has joined the library. We barely speak but there is a shared connection, an unspoken sharing of intention; to study, a communion of silence.

As Nicholas Sparks wrote “Silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking.” Now it feels like a library.

Rev. Jude

I am never upset for the reason, I think.

A Course in Miracles has a lesson a day for a year, supporting the transition from ego and fear-based thinking to thinking thoughts of and from love.

 I was with a friend recently and going on about a pet peeve and found myself getting quite `energised` about it. I then recalled the lesson for the day. “I am not upset for the reason I think I am”. It was like a needle puncturing a balloon deflating the energy as I realised my upset came from another source, yet I had chosen to vent it through my `peeve`!

It reminded me to keep in closer touch with my inner witness. To regularly tune into where I am to more swiftly spot when I am out of alignment, or, of course, be more aware of when my thoughts are `out` of love.

Self-awareness and staying aware of it keeps the inner witness busy!

Loving thinking rocks!!