The Open Sanctuary – Ethics

Ethos and Ethics

  • We are all One, part of the Universal Source of All, God.
  • Our purpose is healing through union.
  • Every encounter is an opportunity for mutual healing.
  • Forgiveness is a powerful healing dynamic.
  • Deep and lasting healing takes place in the soul.
  • Our daily goal is having every thought, word and action in divine alignment.
  • Personal integrity is fully surrendering to the Divine.

We aim to live:

  • In conscious and committed self-awareness.
  • As honestly as awareness allows.
  • With compassion for every living organism.
  • In constant practice of forgiveness, of self and others.
  • Committed to spiritual practice and growth.
  • In the deepest integrity possible at all times.
  • In Authenticity, with Reverence and as simply as we can.