Courses: a place to learn, embody and grow.

The Open Sanctuary offers a course, The Way, to refine and focus the spiritual exploration

The Way of the Open Sanctuary is transpersonal development experienced through the medium of meditation, contemplation, prayer, shared experiences and trust in a safe and sacred place taking you deeper in your spiritual journey.

A year-long mentored programme introducing you to the qualities of the Open Sanctuary. This programme brings together the component parts of the Mystic-Healer book and helps you explore, experience and embrace them in the context of your personal needs and experiences. You become your own Souls Apprentice discerning where your attention needs to be focused, as well as being a member of a community sharing the journey together. Each month builds on the previous month, inviting you to slowly, over time, change your life to be in alignment with your beliefs and to live in your deepest authenticity. This course is the launch pad for you in every aspect of life and as a part of the Community of the Open Sanctuary.

Launching 2021 is the one year Ordination program training you as a Community Minister for those who feel called to extend their spiritual journey into a ministerial role. This Ordination year explores the meanings of ceremony, ritual, the creation and delivery such ceremonies. The writing of messages for ceremonies and articles for local papers etc. This year also offers an introduction to Spiritual Counselling with opportunity for practising these skills. Click here to find out more….