“As a member of the Open Sanctuary, we choose to live in a conscious relationship with the God of our awareness. We follow Divine Guidance and Spiritual Principles seeing the Divine Presence everywhere; in nature, in society and in every person we encounter.”

Our History

The Open Sanctuary began as ‘The Order of Mystical Living’, in 2002 following an invitation to open an Interfaith Seminary in Scotland.

Through regular re-evaluation of aims, focus and content, over the past twenty years we have evolved into the Open Sanctuary. This not only says more clearly who we are, but also reflects the internal refinements.


A place to pause and connect


Where we belong, share and connect


Serving all in love and compassion

Anchor Statement

“We believe in the Oneness of all, living in accordance with Divine Guidance, accepting and respecting all people with a forgiving heart, leading to a life of Simplicity, Peace and Love.”

June 2023