Joanna Macy wrote…

“You are held within the web of life, within flows of energy and intelligence far exceeding your own.” 

This is another way of describing intuition, that `hit` we get when something thought or idea lands in our minds that we do not know where it originated. 

It was visible in the early days of Who wants to be a Millionaire when the contestants would say aloud, they didn’t know but the first answer that came was…. they would go with it and be right. Until playing for a sum of money that they then wanted and feared losing. It was at this point that trust in the intuitive `hit` was lost and the person tried to work it out in their mind….. distrusting the universal energy matrix that Jung spoke of in his `collective unconscious` – that at some point all minds are joined. 

Why limit yourself when all Knowledge is there just wating for you.

With love, Rev. Jude