Sweet surrender

Recently I was away and initially the internet was iffy at best and absent at worst.

My do-aholic mind spent many ingenious hours plotting and scheming where to go to hack into the internet so I could honour commitments and `keep up ` with work etc. 

I had forgotten universal truths… one being that when I am away there are always less texts and emails… the universe knows. The other, just trust. 

Then I was on a boat with no internet. Initial frustration was quickly transformed into a delicious sense of surrender, now I could really release as there was absolutely nothing I could do about it other than hijack a lifeboat and paddle like mad!!

The utter peace and joy of sweet surrender. Five days of silence from this world allowed so much quiet time to hear the inner voice; also, to realise how the ego hangs on tenaciously to distract us from alignment with our soul. The blessing of time to pause, breathe and catch up with myself.

It will be a challenge to be disciplined regarding the internet when I return home, yet what gifts the space in between emails, texts and surfing offers…..

1 thought on “Sweet surrender”

  1. How lovely Jude to just let go,

    Although it’s not easy and takes time once we realise it is out of our hands it’s such a relief to yes, surrender. Quite often I worry when I have personal events on and I may have to turn work away and worry about it. Lately I had relatives stay a month and very few calls came in, just a trickle. The day they left I was inundated, yes indeed the universe was working for me.

    Thank you

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