St Francis and the simplicity of Love

In our physically and emotionally complex world there is a place for simplicity. For staying in the moment, being fully present, just being love in every situation.

St Francis, the saint who is often linked to nature, the animals, birds, and stars took simplicity further still. He internalised it to include his will and ego, to then surrender his all to his God.

He is reputed to once have said “Why are we not just in love with love?” Quite a thought to realise how much we objectify love, as a person, an idea, even marmite…

Remember how rich and all-encompassing the feelings of love can be? 

Beyond the ego passion, the ego need to have and hold, to contain or own is a rich and beautiful place, we have all experienced. It may arrive as a wave of golden love suffusing us sometimes for no obvious reason. Imagine if we could tune into that experience of love all the time? 

Maybe we can…..

2 thoughts on “St Francis and the simplicity of Love”

  1. Jude, what a beautiful and thought-provoking reflection on the simplicity of love and St. Francis’s profound connection to it!

    In our fast-paced, complex world, I often overlook the pure essence of love, which can be found in every moment and situation. This post has left me with a sense of hope and a renewed commitment to embracing the simplicity of love in my own life.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring perspective. It reminds me that, perhaps, I can make love a guiding force in my daily existence.

    with love, Cate x

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