Life is a Life Long Lesson/2

We are now in the first week of December with all the excitement, noise and chaos that  this time of year brings.

Last weekend my family joined me here at home, just for 24 hours.  We do this every year at this time as we have so many family birthdays.   So we make the most of it, reconnecting, chatting, eating/drinking, and the grandchildren put up my Christmas tree.  Much laughter, noise, and each year the children perform or talk about something that is new or important to them.   This time the youngest has taken up the violin,  precious times and memories.

This year Covid infection meant that one of the families were isolating and couldn’t make it but we were still eight bodies and three dogs ! …. so this involved dog walking in the snowy woods….. magic !However as part of our ‘Life is a Life Long Lesson’ series I invite you over the next few weeks to each and every day stop for a few minutes to connect with your Personal Centre.Take a few deep breaths and go to that peaceful place that is there inside each of us to access at will. Know that those few valuable minutes for yourself will help centre the precious memories being created with all those around you.Know that for each and everyone of us there is love, peace, and light just waiting for us……all we have to do is take time to access it.

I would like to sign off 2021 wishing you all a very happy, peaceful light filled holiday season.

With love,  

Sarah Jane

5th December 2021