Life is a Life Long Lesson/1

This year, (and this morning) the glory of the autumn colours has given me pause to think about the cycle of the seasons, and why some years are more spectacular than others.

Is this due to circumstance of bad weather or blight throughout the year, or on other occasions does the nourishment of the sunshine and the refreshing rain encourage and result in this glory?

Or is it a combination of the two, and is this echoed in our human cycle?

Sometimes we require to be buffeted by illness, incident and/or the unpredictability of human relationships in order to come to full bloom and glory. Other times it is the love and support of those around us that nourishes us and brings about the same result.

However it comes about, regardless of our journey, at this time and as we approach winter, it gives much reassurance that the journey is as it should be, and that all roads lead home.

With love, Sarah Jane.

 November 2021