A Daily Resurrection

Easter Sunday and the vitality of spirit in other realms, the onset of hope as seen in nature in Spring  is opened to, acknowledged and is the perfect opportunity for us all to start again. 

To remember the world, sharing, in their varying forms, the hope that this time of year brings. The collective energy created when many people focus on and celebrate such a powerful time. 

The many people attending Easter services at dawn on loch sides, on hills and mountains stepping into that liminal time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest: draws together that collective energy creating a laser beam of hope for all humankind to tune into. 

The power of thought and prayer to unite us is blessed by the liturgical calendar of every belief in their specific celebrations linking each cohort of believers, reaching around the planet. 

Imagine people holding hands linking a global daisy chain faces to the dawn, hearts open to hope and wonder, physically connected through sharing the air of the planet in each breath. Each morning is a mini resurrection as the sun reminds us by rising anew each day. All we need do is remember to remember and breath in consciousness.

With love, Jude