“Life is for the giving and receiving of LoveRelationships are the vehicle.”

The final line in our motto is “Hold others in unconditional love”. The word of interest here in `unconditional`. It is said that we love our children unconditionally always able to see through their behaviour to the truth of their internal pure innocence where love is all they are. We remember the gaze of our children as babies and know that perfect little being is incapable of intentionally being anything less than love. This awareness makes it so much easier to `see beyond….` and love anyway.

Sadly, for our partners the picture is not quite so clear and depends more on the connection between us. What was the magnetism that drew us together as we sought someone to `make us happy`…? Are they still holding up their end of the unconscious `deal`? All of which can lead to a relationship based on conditional love which is another term for co-dependency. The obvious example is the old rich man marrying a 20-year-old model…. They have made a conscious or unconscious pact and are linked through the pact rather than love.  This is a relationship ensnared in the conditional… the terms and conditions of the unconscious pact they both agreed to. 

A huge subject……

However, as the manner in which unconditional love relates to our motto is in the basis of all we honour in our way of being with ourselves and others. To love all and self unconditionally. 

It is a huge motto to hold and honour, it is a lifelong journey with a focus on how to be all we can be to be honest and loving.

We will make it, sometimes a little less than our intention but always aiming for the deepest acceptance of others, seeing and hearing reminding the other of their inner perfection and innocence.

 We hold the vision for others on the days they have lost sight of their inner truth.

Daily we open to Divine guidance to support us in our intention trusting in the Divine wisdom knowing we just need to show up with an Open Heart.