Life is a Lifelong lesson/4

This month is flying by.  
There has been so much happening it has been hard to find the time to write a few words.
February is well known to be a difficult time of the year.   Days are short and dark, the weather is traditionally bad, and many of us struggle to find our way through.

This February I have found particularly difficult as I have  lost one of my dearest friends:  “my spiritual buddy”.  Death is so final; but nature teaches us that out of death comes opportunity for a new perspective of life.  In time the death of a loved one does indeed give the opportunity for reflection, growth, learning, and eventually realignment, both internal, and external.

So, here I am.   

These past few days have seen terrible storms country wide.  Yesterday in the Highlands of Scotland we then had heavy snow. 
This morning I woke to glorious sunshine and inches of snow outside.  The snow covers all the debris from the storm, and with the shining sunlight, it is a gloriously bright day to behold. I have just returned from walking where it is safe in the village and surrounding fields and woods.  The sun still shines and the birds are singing.  It is a glorious day, and such a joy to be alive and to live in such a place.

It is time to be thankful and to be filled with gratitude for the opportunity to realign, and that such a lesson can be a lesson for life.

With love,
Sarah Jane