January 2022…

Last weeks blog provoked some pondering, what is it about communities that attracts us ?

Communities come together in all forms from the obvious community of families related by blood and marriage, community groups from shared interests, shared work situations, shared experiences. 

Consider the depth of shared experience and feelings produced in a reality show, a heightened hothouse truncating the usual evolution of group develop,emt into a time of  full immersion. This is noticeable due to its intensity; at that time and place these people are their own tribe, or family.

There often comes a point at which the community crumbles as human nature begins to express itself unchallenged. Where once the member longed to be seen and heard they slowly move to a space of fearing that degree of being seen has left them  exposed and  open to the judgment of others.  Once again the fear of not being seen and not being good enough rears its ugly head and the person will fade away . The fear  of rejection outweighing the benefits of community.

 There are so many criterion behind the invisible magnetic pull of drawing together as a community. It can be interesting to consider the communities we are a part of and the role we play within them.

The Open Sanctuary is, in my eyes, different in that the magnetic draw is to share the experience of discerning and then living in the deepest alignment with the Divine of each person’s awareness. Thus every member has a different belief , goal or God they are engaged with, however we all share the language of spiritual values. The values that are a like a spiritual zimmer frame supporting us in walking with our indwelling Beloved.

This focus on learning the values, opening to them fully and living them as deeply as we can  reduces the egoic relationship and need of others approval etc. It moves uf from external validation of others to the interior relationship with our God.

In the Open Sanctuary our shared passion, raison d`etre  is to live from our heart and soul noting that when we step into judgment it is a reflection of ourselves and highlights where we might benefit from some prayer or meditation time.

In this we are choosing to transform a  negative egoic observation, though word or deed into a soul led experience of unconditional love.

Similarly with convents and monasteries,  sharing a belief  in their God and particular story, offers a shared language and path upon which to travel  opening more and more deeply to full embodiment of the values of that core belief. 
 In doing so it become apparent that others are the grist to our mill… the reflection they offer is our mirror. It is a blessing or a curse depending on how we choose to see ourself in it….

A Prayer

“Mirror mirror on the wall

Reflect the love I give to all”