Simply Love

Recently I was sitting in a service station, idly looking at all the people breaking their journeys when my attention was drawn to a young couple, mid-twenties, sitting at a table quite near to me. 

They were sitting close and as I watched she leaned over to him, placed her hand on his arm and said “ I just want you to know how much I appreciate you doing all the driving”. He physically sat straighter, looked at her with eyes full of love and said, “Thank you”. 

He took their plates away and in his absence she and I exchanged smiles, and I asked how long they had been together. “Seven glorious years” she replied.  He then reappeared, took her hand as they shared wide smiles and departed, love can be  so simple.

Imagine if all it took for our relationship to glow like this was little words of appreciation. 

It is almost too easy!

Rev. Jude