The Open Sanctuary Community Ministers

We are here to serve as Spiritual Ministers helping you discern your core beliefs and support you in living them. By extending ourselves into our communities, both real and virtual we have a invisible parish we minister to. Through care and vigilance we aim to serve our communities as richly as we can; from cards and blessings, on line workshops or gatherings, to practical help and also in prayer.

One of the blessings we receive is when we are invited to honour the key points in life by creating and delivering baby blessings, weddings, funerals and other rites of passage. Ceremonies that recalibrate the energetic fabric of our lives, our families and communities, welcoming, healing, celebrating, giving thanks for and grieving together is healing in unity.

We listen to you to hear what is important, your beliefs and manner of being in the world, language that resonates for you such as the name you use for your Higher Power.

Community Ministers offer

  • Presencing – being with you through the journey of life
  • Online workshops on a variety of issues
  • Quarterly services of gratitude for the world, nature, each other and our Higher Power
  • Retreats where we invite you to join us in consciously taking time out to spend with the Divine receiving guidance
  • Creating and delivering a variety of ceremonies: Baby Blessings, Legal weddings, funerals, rites of passage, healing services etc

Who we are and what we offer

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